Where To Begin: A Few Points On How To Start Investing In Real Estate

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Where to begin: A few points on how to start investing in real estate

 Hosts of the invest Florida show Eric Odum and Steven Silverman have a discussion on investing in real estate. Real estate has significant advantages as compared to other opportunities.


  • The income from real estate can be very consistent if you purchase correctly and manage well
  • Leverage – which can increase the return that you get on the cash that you invest.
  • Taxation – not only in operating the property but in capital gains at disposition

Many people start investing in real estate by purchasing single-family homes. That is an excellent strategy but multiple homes can be difficult to handle as the portfolio grows. The nice thing about investment in real estate is that you can be as involved as you want to be. You can choose to manage the properties yourself or you can be totally hands of by hiring a property manager.

It is important for the investor to educate himself or herself in order to be successful. The hosts mention books and blogs that can be useful sources of knowledge to the investor. The investor should develop goals and strategies that fit with his or her personal life style

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