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Where To Begin: A Few Points On How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Where to begin: A few points on how to start investing in real estate  Hosts of the invest Florida show Eric Odum and Steven Silverman have a discussion on investing in real estate. Real estate has significant advantages as compared to other opportunities.   The income from real estate can be very consistent if you purchase correctly and manage well Leverage – which can increase the...

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Rising Employment Bodes Well For Florida Real Estate

The ship rises with the tide. So the continued improvement in the job market in Florida is an excellent driver for commercial real estate The Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase completed their annual economic rankings of 300 cities worldwide and published the results in February 2015. Cities in the developing world dominated and came out at the top of the rankings, particularly China Cities...

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How Tony Muniz built his success in Real Estate Investing

Steven Silverman and Eric Odum interviewed Tony Muniz on the Invest Florida Show – a real estate podcast. Tony told Steven and Eric how he got started and what his strategies are Tony Muniz’s  real estate investment success story came from just making happen.  He didn’t have a lot of money back when he first started at age 18. He did what he could to get financing. He progressed from...

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Canadians Purchasing Real Estate In Florida

US immigration currently limits to six months the time, the  period  that foreigners can spend in the United States. This has been a problem for Canadians, many of whom have purchased homes in states such as Florida. Canadians are an important part of the Florida economy. In fact the Canadian Snowbird Association has 70,000 members. These are people that come to the warmth of Florida during the...

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Where Is The Miami Real Estate Market Headed?

January 5, 2015 What is happening in Miami Real Estate Development? Where is the Market Headed? On January 5, 2015, the Invest Florida- Real Estate Investor Show interviewed one of the most influential people in the State of the Florida in Real Estate is Tim Becker the Director of the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Florida in Gainesville Tim informed hosts Steven...

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How to Reduce Your Property Tax Bill

Listen to the podcast interview on the Invest Florida – Real Estate show – Dec 27, 2014.. Hosts, Steven Silverman and Eric Odum talk to Todd Jones, who is the  the President of the Florida Association of Property Tax Professionals. Todd specializes in property taxes he has assisted clients in all phases of the assessment appeal process, pre- acquisition, due...

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