An Investor Moves Strongly Into The Tampa Bay Office Market

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An interesting story of How One Investor Invested Big In The Tampa Bay Market

In their podcast, Steven Silverman and Eric Odum chat with Larry Feldman . Larry moved into Florida office real estate investment New York and has acquired billions of dollars of real estate in a very short period. He began investing in office buildings in 2010

Larry has definite strategies for investing in real estate and we can all learn by listening to him.The centerpiece of his strategy is know your target market. That is a phrase that is often taught at business school but frequently ignored in practice .

He discusses the psyche of a developer which is that you have to be able to take a risk in order to move ahead. To be successful the developer has to be willing to do whatever it takes to make the project a success. A strong desire is necessary to maintain the momentum during the challenging times that come to every project

His marketing strategy focuses on brokers who are the gateway to him finding tenants. Brokers are responsible for 98% of his tenant acquisition  and so he communicates constantly with the brokerage community and is always honest with them so that repeat business is generated. He makes sure that he structures his deals so that they are attractive to the brokerage community and by doing this he has earned their trust and his buildings lease up quickly with quality tenants

Larry loves the Tampa Bay area because waterfront property is still very affordable here as compared to other places. When he buys a building he focuses not only on the location, but its proximity to water and a feeling of light and air within the building . In order for a building not to be perceived as a commodity Larry believes that you have to differentiate it in the marketplace

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