Rising Employment Bodes Well For Florida Real Estate

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The ship rises with the tide. So the continued improvement in the job market in Florida is an excellent driver for commercial real estate

The Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase completed their annual economic rankings of 300 cities worldwide and published the results in February 2015. Cities in the developing world dominated and came out at the top of the rankings, particularly China

Cities in wealthy, developed countries tended to lag behind. Though most of the cities surveyed around the world have recovered from the Great Recession, 65 percent of European and 57 percent of North American cities have not, according to the study, which ranks cities by growth in employment and in economic output per person

Florida fared well as the state bounces back from a deeper recession trough than most states faced.
The top spot in Florida was held by Orlando which came in at 73, Jacksonville was 83 and Miami at 116. Tampa moved up 30 places from last year on the list, to 141

The rankings will change next year. Current data in this report factored in the Commodities boom. In this report the 18 cities worldwide that specialized in producing commodities such as oil registered the highest rates of growth in economic output per person (2.6 percent) and employment (1.9 percent). Since then, oil production has fallen which will dramatically effect the rankings of those cities.


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