The Story of Accidental Landlord Turned Serious Investor in Tampa

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Darren Wilson from Kennedy investments- was an accidental investor. He did not start out to be a professional investor in single family properties, but once he got the taste of it, he didn’t look back.

Darren Wilson from Kennedy Investment, he is a grad of University of Virginia and went to MBA School of University of Taxes and from there he worked in the Technology field and now he is in real estate investment.

Darren recalls how back in October 2012 Blackstone,  a large investment company dumped over billion dollars into the market buying up single family homes- they really felt it was the opportunity time

Tampa is certainly was a market  that is real estate centric. The economy depends on real estate so the local market has  a high exposure to ups and down of real estate, when its good it’s great, when its bad its terrible . 2008 was the first time ever that Florida had a net loss of people leaving Florida they were no jobs and real estate was collapsing so if active in that time and just build up it’s a great time to do that.

Darren tells his strategy for innvesting in Single family homes.: Target neighborhood that are primarily homeowners dominated – and neighborhood where employment is better – typically working  typical tenants are nurses, teachers, law enforcements, military etc and offered discounts off the market rate.

Darren also discusses some life lessons in business.  “Human Risk, People Risk, Partner Risk, who is your investor, partner , who is your contractor—at the end of the day I think this is the days that matter- there are good days and bad days-  Surround yourself with great people – if you want to end up with good service, good product

If you want to know more check out the Podcast Invest Forida Show. Look for the episode: “Accidental Landlord Turned Serious Investor in Tampa

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