How Tony Muniz built his success in Real Estate Investing

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Steven Silverman and Eric Odum interviewed Tony Muniz on the Invest Florida Show – a real estate podcast. Tony told Steven and Eric how he got started and what his strategies are

Tony Muniz’s  real estate investment success story came from just making happen.  He didn’t have a lot of money back when he first started at age 18. He did what he could to get financing. He progressed from seller financing to hard money loans. By the age of 22 he owned 80 single family homes. His portfolio changes with time. Today he owns over hundred and twenty five single family home and ten retail centers and multiple other commercial real estate properties in Tampa.

Tony’s focus is on keeping his properties leased and he gives advice about things that an investor shoud do such as keeping the exterior looking better than the neighbors and treating tenants very well. For retail centers he is concerned about having a great location. Then he does not  have the turn over and asks himself the question if that property is the type of property that will b timeless and that he can foresee his kids managing in 20 years time

In the real estate business Tony counsels that  you have to understand there will be ups and downs. You have to live within your means so that you can survive during the downs. You can’t be too highly leveraged. If you are able to get excess cash flow you really need to pay down your principle

Tony believes that  investors that are successful is focus on a particular area, they know what’s going on, they know when is too low and too high and they are much more efficiently managed because they don’t have to stretch their travel times and communications because they concentrate in a particular area. He says that real estate is a great career for anyone and it is never too late to start learning the basics and then getting out there to do it.


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