Why Invest in Florida?


While Florida has long been one of the fastest growing states in the USA, we feel the time is better now than ever to invest in the State, because:

    • Major changes to Panama Canal will allow large container ships to reach Florida in 2014, making Florida an easy stopping point for distribution for imports for the Eastern Seaboard.  Major intermodal expansion is being planned in Central Florida.
    • Demographics favor a continued increase in migration to the State for retirees from cold weather areas.
    • No state tax for individuals and most of the business structures in the State make Florida an ideal area for entrepreneurial activity.Real estate near the Port of Miami
    • The State is a gateway to South America and Brazil’s largest US trading partner.
    • Florida real estate values are at levels not seen in years.
    • The State remains one of the premiere tourist destinations in the country
    • Florida was one of the hardest hit real estate markets in the downturn and there are excellent values that have not been seen in years in all types of real estate .