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5 Things Foreign Investors Should Know About Investing in Florida Real Estate

Florida loves foreign investment. The state’s real estate markets thrive on foreign capital and investors are attracted to the ROI opportunities that Florida real estate promises.   Despite Florida’s investment appeal, foreign investors may fear that remote investing may prove overwhelming. The important thing to remember is that Florida real estate wants foreign investment. There are...

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Congrats to the WINNER of our Drawing

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out our survey.  We received some terrific suggestions on how to improve the show. The winner of the drawing and $50 Amazon Gift Certificate was TREY...

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Tips On Selecting A Property Manager

Tips on Selecting a Property Manager An Interview with Steve Bergess – This is Episode 43 on the Invest Florida Show You can listen to all Podcast Interviews at: A direct link to Episode 43 is: Hiring a Property Manager Eric Odum: And today we have with us Steve Berges. Steve transacted over hundred million dollars personally and assisted over 150 million dollars in...

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4 Things Apartment Investors Need to Know Regarding Current Florida Regulatory Issues

Complete Episode and Notes: Things Multi-Family Investors Need to Know   Eric Odum: And today we have with us Courtney Barnard. Courtney is the Director of Government Affairs at the Florida Apartment Association. Courtney, welcome to the show!   Courtney Barnard: Thank you so much for having me. It’s my pleasure to be here.   Eric Odum: Tell us a little bit about Florida...

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1031 Exchanges And Coming Changes

1031 Exchanges And Coming Changes Employing a 1031 exchange is a well known strategy for commercial real estate investors. However, proposed changes to the law may affect this type of investment. Steven Silverman and Eric Odum interview Michael Brady on the proposed changes to the law and how those changes may affect you. This is an educational podcast published by the invest Florida show. 1031...

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An Investor Moves Strongly Into The Tampa Bay Office Market

An interesting story of How One Investor Invested Big In The Tampa Bay Market In their podcast, Steven Silverman and Eric Odum chat with Larry Feldman . Larry moved into Florida office real estate investment New York and has acquired billions of dollars of real estate in a very short period. He began investing in office buildings in 2010 Larry has definite strategies for investing in real estate...

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